Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Randy's Excellent Cardinal Contributions!

I recently received a number of scans from The Fleer Sticker Project's newest contributor - Randy Trierweiler. Randy is a dedicated Cardinals collector has been kind enough to share some great images to compliment some of the sets that we've previously covered.

The first item I'd like to show is the gorgeous 1955 Post Cereal Cardinals patch:

In addition to the patch, Randy has the mailing envelope that the patches came in:

I really like the fact that the back of the envelope shows all the team logos / patches - this is a great collectible itself:

Randy also has some examples of the 1968 Fleer Baseball Emblem "trio" stickers which were stickers that contained 3 patches with team names that were included along with the larger patches that contained team logos. When I originally did my post on the 1968 Baseball Emblem set, I did not have any examples of these trio stickers, but now I do thanks to Randy:

And finally, for a really unusual Fleer item, Randy has a scan of the rarely seen Cardinals logo that was briefly used in the mid-1970s that was issued as a Fleer iron-on in 1976:

The back of the pack shows the logo

but now we've got a scan of the actual iron on itself (which is an item I never thought I'd see)!

I'd like to say thanks to Randy for taking the time to scan and send these pictures as they are great additions to the blog. I will be going back to the appropriate posts and updating them with these images as well.

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