Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Dallas Cowboys Vintage Football Card & Memorabilia Guide

On the day Texas Stadium came down, I thought it would be appropriate to review the latest installment of Steve Liskey's amazing catalog of vintage Dallas Cowboy items which has just been published: The Dallas Cowboys Vintage Football Card & Memorabilia Guide 1960 - 1990:

This is the 5th version of the guide, which provides a comprehensive checklist of every Cowboys card that has appeared from 1960 up through 1990. There are color pictures showing a sample card from each set as well as a detailed listing of all Cowboys related cards in that particular set:

In addition to the standard card sets from Topps, Fleer, Philadelphia, etc., there are listings for every type of oddball set featuring the Cowboys logo or a Cowboys player:

Steve has been a great contributor to The Fleer Sticker Project over the past few years as he has brought a number of items to my attention, including the mid 1970's Sunbeam releases, the Stancraft NFL Playing Cards shown above, and the Chiffon NFL decals shown below:

Some of the key updates to the Guide include a brand new section for Pins & Buttons

as well as a total rework of the Pennants section

and the Pocket Schedule section.

In addition to these categories, Steve also takes a detailed look at Team Issued sets

and Game Day Programs and Media Guides:

The Dallas Cowboys Vintage Football Card & Memorabilia Guide 1960 - 1990 is available now at Steve's fantastic Cowboy's website:

Even though today was the day for the Texas Stadium Implosion:

you can still relive all the great Cowboys memories from before and during their time at Texas Stadium through looking at all the great Cowboys memorabilia in Steve's latest book.

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