Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Custom Baseball Ice Cream Sundae Mini Batting Helmets

I wanted to share some fantastic customized Baseball Mini Helmets that I recently received from Eric, who runs the website Eric's Helmet Collection. I came across Eric's site while researching information about the mini helmets that many of us remember from our younger days that often were used for ice cream sundaes:

Eric's site covers each Major League team and shows the many helmet variations that have been issued over the years as teams periodically changed their helmets. The information on the helmets for each team is very comprehensive, and I found a number of helmets that I had not seen before. He's even got information on many Minor League teams as well.

In addition to displaying his collection, Eric has some extra helmets available for sale, so you might want to check out his site if you have an interest in a particular team.

However, the most amazing part of his site is the custom helmets he has created. When I saw this, I instantly knew that I had to have one:

If you've been following the blog, you know I've become quite interested in the Seattle Pilots after reading The 1969 Seattle Pilots: Major League Baseball's One-Year Team. Eric's reproduction is great, all the way down to the "scrambled eggs" design on the brim.

Eric also had a design for the Angels using the small "a" which looks great:

One thing that always bugged me as a kid in the late 70's who was an Orioles fan was that even though the Orioles went to a batting helmet with a white front panel in 1975 and have always had an orange brim, the ice cream sundae helmets were always all black:

After seeing Eric's great work on his custom helmets on his site, I asked if he could fill a gap in my collection with a custom Orioles helmet and here is what he was able to deliver:

WOW! Eric did an amazing job on this Orioles helmet. Now this is how the helmet should have looked when I was getting my ice cream sundae at Dairy Queen back in 1979!

I'd recommend checking out Eric's site to anyone who has an interest in these mini helmets as there is a great deal to see. Thanks Eric for the great custom helmets!

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Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Those helmets are awesome!

I was at a Reds game a couple weeks ago, and on the way out I noticed that someone had abandoned their helmet sundae cup under their seat. As a reflex, I picked it up and washed it out.

You just can toss those things away! They're too cool!