Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The blog has made it to ebay!

I guess somebody is reading the blog!

Check out this auction for 1977 Fleer Grand Slam Hi-Gloss Baseball Stickers where the seller lists the background information on this set (the text in red in the middle of the screen):

and then check out the first 3 paragraphs of my review of the 1977 set:

"1977 Fleer Grand Slam Hi-Gloss Baseball Stickers

After a 1 year break from issuing a new set of baseball stickers after the 7 year run of Cloth Patch stickers from 1969 - 1975, Fleer returned in 1977 with their first glossy baseball sticker set, which they called "Grand Slam Hi-Gloss Baseball Stickers".

Each team had 2 different designs - a team logo sticker with the city name above the logo and a cap monogram / team name sticker which was an identical design to the previous cloth patch issues. The backs of the stickers are blank white backs.

For some reason however, the 2 expansion teams (Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners) had a logo sticker, but did not have a cap monogram / team name sticker."

The seller used my introduction and review word for word! The great thing is that since this seller copied and pasted my entire comments, they even picked up the link to my blog when they copied the "7 year run of Cloth Patch stickers" which was a link back to my earlier review of the cloth patches.

Since my purpose in starting the blog was to provide information to interested collectors on various Fleer issues I'm flattered that I'm being quoted as a source of information, but it is kind of strange seeing something you wrote being used to help sell items on ebay.

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