Saturday, July 5, 2008

1980 Fleer Baseball Stickers & World Series Cards

The 1980 Fleer Baseball Sticker set was much different than the Grand Slam Hi-Gloss sets that had been issued from 1977 - 1979. Whereas the previous sets had 2 stickers per team (not counting the border color variations), the 1980 set had 4 different stickers per team:

Each team had 1) a logo sticker against a baseball diamond with the 1979 record information on the top, 2) another logo sticker against a colored background with the 1979 record information, 3) the very familiar cap monogram / team name sticker (the design which dates all the way the the 1969 cloth patches), and 4) a cap sticker.

In addition, the backs contained a card set depicting each World Series from 1940 through 1979. The artwork on most of the cards was from the 1971 Fleer World Series card set with artwork by R. G. Laughlin:

I'll cover the World Series card backs in more detail in my next post.

While each team had 4 different stickers, the Orioles and Pirates had a few extra variations.

The Orioles cap sticker can be found with a red or blue border:

and the Pirates can be found with a number of variations due to their 1979 World Series Championship:

The Pirates baseball diamond sticker can be found with their 1979 won - loss record and with the heading "1979 World Series". The colored border sticker can also be found with this variation as well as a border color variation. Finally, the cap sticker can be found with either a red or yellow border.

These are the only border variations in the set. Unlike the 1977 - 1979 sets, there are not colored border variations for each team except those I've just shown above.

The packs are green with a Houston Astros pitcher (looking suspiciously like Nolan Ryan who joined the team for the 1980 season):

The same design is used on the box:

Here is a look at the complete 1980 Fleer Baseball Sticker set including the variations:

The 1981 & 1982 designs are almost identical to the 1980 design except for the won - loss record at the tops of the stickers and the backs. I'll review these sets after I cover the 1980 Fleer World Series card set found on the back of the 1980 stickers.


Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Week-in, week-out this site is a glorious trip down memory lane. I love these stickers!

Anonymous said...

This site is like visual crack for me. The latest stuff is amazing.

Anonymous said...

How many Logo stickers issued p/team 1980 Famous Feats?
I read that 4 stickers issued for each team 1980 World Series/Team Logo Stickers.

Mikesportsfan said...

So there are a total of 109 different sticker backs. 40 different card fronts. Is there a master list of how many different combinations there are of fronts/backs?