Sunday, January 31, 2010

Super Bowl Party List - 1965 Hormel Trays / Lids

As the Super Bowl is America's ultimate party, its time to start preparing the list of things you need to throw your best Super Bowl party ever.

Over the years, there have been many food products which have had promotions featuring NFL collectibles, so all this week The Fleer Sticker Project is going to showcase some of these food related promotions to help plan your party menu.

First on the list is figuring out what meat to get for the party. One thing that would really make your party stand out is some Hormel Cooked Ham in tins that came with these fantastic NFL lids:

In 1965 Hormel issued a series of lids (sometimes referred to as trays) on their cans of cooked ham featuring all 14 NFL teams that were in the league at the time. The lids measure 4 1/2" by 4 1/2" square. Here is a picture of what the packaging looked like with the note indicating the NFL team helmet picture on the back of the lid:

As you can see, the lid has a raised edge that goes all the way around the rim which makes it look like a small tray.

Even though the sticker says to collect all 14 teams in the league, there are actually more than 14 lids as some teams can be found with a colored background in addition to a white background.

Here is a look at all 14 teams:

The Baltimore Colts are one of the teams with a colored background variation:

The Cleveland Browns lid features the "CB" logo that NFL Properties was using at the time which the players never actually wore:

The Dallas Cowboys tray also features a colored background variation:

As do the Detroit Lions:

There may be other teams with colored background variations, but all I've been able to find are the Colts, Cowboys, and Lions.

Here is what the other side of the lid looks like:

These lids are sometimes referred to as coasters as they are actually the ideal size for holding a drink, although given that these are now 44 years old (which coincidentally is also how old the Super Bowl is this year), I wouldn't recommend using them for that purpose today (although they really would look impressive at your party!)

Stay tuned all week as we've got more food tie-ins each day leading up to Super Bowl XLIV.


doublenoughtspy said...

The FSP is really hamming it up this week. Har har. Do people collect unopened versions of these hoping to get a rare "rookie" ham? Wild stuff.

CaptKirk42 said...

I've seen those on Ebay every once in a while sometimes individuals and once or twice the full set. They get pretty good prices usually. I thought about buying one once but I think the price was a little higher than what I was willing to pay. Also if I got one I'd want to get the full set anyway.