Monday, February 1, 2010

Super Bowl Party List - 1975 & 1976 Sunbeam Bread NFL Cloth Patchs, Stickers, and Stand-Up Cards

In yesterday's post we looked at what meat to pick up for our Super Bowl party, so now its time to think about some bread for making sandwiches. Sunbeam had 3 different NFL promotions during the mid 1970's which would have made their bread the most logical choice for your Super Bowl shopping list.

In 1975, Sunbeam included NFL Cloth Patches in their loaves of bread:

The patches are very similar to the Fleer Cloth NFL Patches that were issued at the time, but smaller. Even though the stickers have a 1972 NFL Properties copyright, they were actually issued in 1975. The patches are sometimes referred to as NFL Properties stickers because of the copyright on the bottom, and are also sometimes called Schwebel patches as they were apparently available in loaves of Schwebel bread as well.

Sunbeam also issued two collectors albums - one for the helmet patches:

and another for the team emblem / logo patches:

In 1976, Sunbeam once again had an NFL promotion, this time with NFL Stand-Up Football Cards:

The helmet portion of the card could be popped out and the card would be folded in the middle to create a card that would "stand up". Sunbeam also issued a booklet to house the cards:

Sunbeam ran another promotion in 1976 for NFL Pennant Stickers as well.

The backs of the stickers mention a saver book

but unfortunately I have yet to find a picture of one for this sticker series.

For a more detailed look at these 3 Sunbeam issues including pictures of all the teams in each of the sets, please check out this link to previous Sunbeam posts:

Since we've still got some more items to add to our grocery list, check back tomorrow for a very rare NFL promotion with another food item that most collectors have probably never seen before!

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