Monday, February 22, 2010

Cito Gaston is morphing from a Brave into a Pirate right before our eyes!

I came across this negative that is currently up for auction on ebay from The Topps Vault and did a double take wondering what in the world was going on in this picture:

This is the negative that was used to create the 1979 Clarence (Cito) Gaston card:

The negative shows how the Topps artist airbrushed the picture to turn Cito from a Brave into a Pirate for his 1979 card.

What I really like about the negative is that they didn't airbrush the whole picture - they just did enough so that it could be cropped at the shoulders to make it look like Cito was wearing a Pirates uniform, leaving a very interesting and unique looking Pirates/Braves jersey combination on the original negative.


Kevin said...

Wow, JC, that's a great find! Though as an Oriole fan, it is my duty to point out that Cito sucks. ;)

Chris said...

And it is my duty as a Blue Jays fan to concur with Kevin that Cito does in fact suck.

Anonymous said...

you guys both suck, cito's the bomb suckas

LoCoDe said...

Any Blue Jays fan that thinks Cito sucks is clearly not a real fan.

He'll forever go down in history as the only Jay manager to win a World Series, and he got 2!

(and yes, you heard me right, ONLY EVER)