Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 Topps Baseball Hat Logo Cards

I really like the Topps Baseball Hat Logo Cards that are inserts from 2010 Topps Baseball . I mean, whats not to like about this card:

We've got Reggie as an Oriole (which is a very rare sight) and a logo patch with the classic smiling cartoon bird against an orange background to replicate the cap that Reggie is wearing in the picture, which is the alternate cap the O's wore back in 1976 (and which I really wanted when I was a kid, and was never able to find).

After coming across this card, I was interested in seeing what other cards Topps had included in the set, and I must say they've done a fantastic job from the standpoint of releasing a wide variety of classic cap logo patches.

This evening I searched ebay to see what patches were available for each team, and here is what I found:




Blue Jays:




















Red Sox:






White Sox:


As you can see from the pictures, each card is limited to 99 serial numbered cards. For many of these patches, two or more players have the same patch, so the cards pictured here are just a sample of the players available.

Its nice to see that some thought and effort went into these cards. The fact that little details like having the patch match the cap in the picture is a nice thing to see.


sociallyawkwardjellyfish said...

wow, those are great! i love vintage logos..

Noah Petro said...

No Seattle Pilots? Outrage!

Anonymous said...

Rogers Hornsby and Johnny Bench's cap logos should be switched, no?

Anonymous said...

The Eckersely Hat Logo is wrong. It's too fat. It matches the "A" of the official logo, but not the "A" on the hat.

This is the A's fault. They need to straighten out their style guide.

Drew said...

The Randy Johnson Astros logo is off a bit. The tale on the left extends way too far. Also the Red Sox logos for Manny and Yaz look like they should be switched. But overall a great idea, very happy to see these!

Anonymous said...

There's numerous mistakes on these, especially on most of the Padres, Angels, A's, Expos, Phillies, Pirates, Reds, Red Sox, White Sox, mid-80s-93 Rangers (not shown), Astros shooting star, Blue Jays, Yankees, Braves. The older ones could be wrong as well.

Anonymous said...

Great. But Rickey Henderson for the vintage Blue Jays logo? The guy was on the team for a month. That's a bit disappointing for an otherwise nice set.

Unknown said...

Ricky Henderson's Toronto Hat Logo doesn't match the one shown in his picture. The Blue Jay should have a lighter blue on the top of his head as opposed to it all being the darker royal blue.

Kevin Z. said...

Great post and a great set of cards. I'm pretty sure Jim Palmer never wore the Orioles logo on his card and the Manny Ramirez Boston B should look like the one on Yaz's card. Also, the tail on Randy Johnson's Astros star looks a little long.

HTC said...

I'm sorry, but Reggie Jackson is one of the most overrated players of all time and it's a shame that various forms of media/products continue to bow down to him.

He was a career .262 hitter, a lazy outfielder, a lousy teammate, and he only hit as many home runs as he did because he dragged his career out 5 years too long. He struck out nearly twice as much as he walked and finished with a .490 slugging percentage, which is mediocre by today's power hitting standards.

Coachie said...

Cool to see the variations of the Detroit "D" over the years.
Always weird to see the NY Giants in any other color than black-and-orange.
And this may be sacrilege, but the Yankees seem to have always been sloppy with the interlocking "NY," beginning with the different chest and cap logos and the various iterations of the cap logo over the years.

c4seyj0nes said...

The picture in the Palmer card must have been from his 1991 comeback attempt (which he didn't actually play a regular season game, just spring training). It's displaying the wrong bird it should have been this one.

Which, if you look closely, is what's on his hat in the picture.

skoormit said...

Truly awesome post. Thanks for doing that. Now I have to track down the Schilling and the Johnson for the DBacks.

Anonymous said...

Great work, thanks for the posting! Oh, and @HTC, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what is your problem bro? Sorry, but only an idiot compares stats of players from a different era to today's and comes up with a statement like yours? While you're at it, why don't you compare pitching stats from back in the late-60s/early 70s to see how today's ERA leaders "suck."