Friday, February 12, 2010

1987 Fleer NFL Team Action Football Sticker and Card Sets

1987 marked the 12th consecutive year that Fleer produced a set of NFL Team Action cards and logo stickers.

The 1987 Fleer NFL Team Action Football Stickers are a cross between the 1985 set with its blue borders and the 1986 set with the newer helmet design:

The blue borders make the 1987 set look nearly identical to the 1985 set except for the helmet design, and the fact that the 1987 backs have ads for Fleer gum products like Dubble Bubble and Razzles

instead of the contest form that is on the back of the 1985 stickers. The ad backs are identical to the 1986 backs except for the fact that the 1986 backs are red and the 1987 backs are blue.

Here is a look at the entire 1987 sticker set:

Once again, the Colts have the small letter / large letter variation in the team name that had been present in every set since 1982:

After 2 years of having 3 cards per team, Fleer went back to having 2 cards per team (one offensive card and one defensive card), and brought back the Super Bowl subset that included recaps of Super Bowls I through XXI:

Since there were only 2 cards per team, there was no card for the team schedule. 1987 was the first time since 1980 that Fleer did not put the team schedules either on the back of the stickers or on the back of the cards:

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Do backs vary for each helmet or logo? In other words, Does the EAGLES or any team's helmet or logo always have the same Candy Ad?