Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New NFL Football Fashions - 1960 Style

Its time to put the cloth patches aside for a moment to climb in the Way-Back machine to check out the latest fall fashions for the 1960 NFL season:

I'd like to find a nice example of the Thermos Stadium kit pictured in the lower right hand corner with all the team logos.

It looks like with the start of the AFL in 1960 the NFL got their marketing program in full gear to really promote the league. The two page spread below shows the MacGregor uniforms for kids as well as team logo apparel for men and women:

And just to make it clear that the NFL was a hi-class league, what fan wouldn't want a club jacket with their favorite NFL team logo? Turn up the Hi-Fi and listen the latest LP from the NFL: "The National Football League Marching Songs". Now the party is really swinging! Look at those nodding head dolls up on the shelf go! I think I will have another drink in my NFL martini glass.

Here is a better picture of the LP pictured in the ad and a link to WFMU's blog which has the complete National Football League Marching Songs for your listening pleasure:

As for the guys playing football in their boxers with the other guy in the pajamas giving an approving smile and a thumbs up, I'll let you make up your own comments.

I came across this series of ads for NFL Merchandise in the Sports Illustrated 1960 Football Preview issue dated September 29, 1960:

Also in this issue, there was a separate MacGregor ad elsewhere in the magazine:

If you'd like to see other great vintage NFL merchandise from the late 60's through the late 70's, please read my post from earlier this year on the NFL items that were sold through Sears and JC Penney's Christmas Catalogs.

If you haven't checked out Sports Illustrated's online magazine archive, I highly recommend it. You can either view specific articles or see the entire magazine. Although be warned, you may end up spending a lot of time there if you enjoy sports history. Spending some time in the SI Vault is like taking a trip back in time.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the SI Vault is the greatest!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great article! I'd never seen these pages and photos, but I did download the NFL songs last month.

--David said...

These are great! My brother and I were kids in the early 70's and our parents bought us each an entire authentic Steelers uniform complete with our names on the backs. Those things lasted a few years before we finally wore them out... Thanks for bringing back those memories!