Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fleer NFL Football Cloth Patch Stickers - San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have 4 different Fleer cloth patch helmet variations and 1 Hi-Gloss helmet sticker. The single bar facemask variation was produced in 1972 & 1973 as seen on the top. The helmet changed to a double bar facemask in 1974 as shown on the bottom:

Craig contributed the picture for those hard to find 1975's with the TM:

and here are the 1976 Cloth Patch and Hi-Gloss Sticker:

As the 49ers underwent a logo change after 1972, there are 4 logo cloth patch variations and 1 Hi-Gloss logo sticker. The 1972 patch on the left shows the vintage 49ers logo which incorporates the "49" into the design:

while the more familiar logo which is simply the helmet decal is on the 1973 & 1974 patch on the right.

Once again, Craig offers an assist with the 1975 TM version:

and we finish up with the 1976 Cloth Patch and Hi-Gloss Sticker:

For a better look at the vintage 49ers logo as shown on the 1972 patch, here is a nice version from Chris Creamer's Sportslogos.net site:

Its too bad the 49ers no longer use this design as it has a very cool and unique look to it.

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