Saturday, February 9, 2008

1969 - 1971 Fleer Baseball Quiz Cards: Cubs, White Sox, Reds & Indians

Moving right along with our review of the 1969 - 1971 Fleer Baseball Quiz cards, here are the next 4 teams:

The Chicago Cubs logo changed slightly from 1969 (3 Question / Small Logo) to 1970 (2 Question) and even a bit more in 1971 (3 Question / Large Logo) with the "UBS" fully inside the "C" in 1969, the lettering getting larger in 1970, and then the "UBS" shifting a little to the right from the "C" in 1971 to where the "S" is right under the top and bottom opening of the "C":

This is a very good example of how you sometimes find very subtle differences in Fleer logos that aren't apparent at first glance.

Speaking of subtle changes, the Chicago White Sox logo also has a minor change from 1969 to 1970/1971. Take a look at the 3 cards below and see what is different besides the card on the left having the smaller logo:

The batter's shoes go from having the red background showing through in the 1969 card (3 Q / Small Logo) on the left to being black for the next 2 years. Otherwise, the logo remained the same.

Moving on to the Cincinnati Reds, we have more variations to spot.  Even though the Reds cards look almost identical each year, there are minor changes from year to year.

In the 1969 card with the smaller logo, Mr. Red's eyebrows are white, but change to black in 1970 and 1971.  In addition, the 1971 card has a registered trademark (R) that's been added.  There are 2 different versions of the 1971 card as they can be found with 2 sets of questions:

Finally, the Cleveland Indians also have a change, but this one is probably a bit easier to spot:

In 1969, the feather is on the right, but it switches to the left in 1970, and stays on the left in 1971 as seen below:

Boy, was I naive when I thought I only needed to track down 24 cards to complete a set of these!

More variations to come with our next installment.

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