Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some Great Helmets!

I wanted to say thanks to Tom for responding both to me and to the Uniwatch blog after reading the Christmas catalog post and sharing some of the NFL helmets he still has from his childhood .

I was really glad to see a link to my posting about the old catalogs full of NFL goodies mentioned by Uniwatch. If you've never read the blog, its a fascinating daily read of any and all things uniform related.

Monday's Uniwatch blog linked to my page on the Christmas catalogs, and then today's post had a follow-up with some pictures that had been sent in by Tom. You can see the links to Tom's photos as well as a mention of my "old kiddie NFL merch" post towards the end of today's posting on Uniwatch. Its towards the bottom of today's post.

Tom also contacted me directly to share some information about the helmets. If you don't feel like clicking over to Uniwatch, here are the pictures that Tom shared:

According to Tom, these are helmets made by Rawlings. Luckily I've still got my Colts helmet just like the one in Tom's picture. Thanks for not throwing it out Mom! I also really like the black Saints helmet, which apparently was only worn during the 1969 preseason.

Tom also has some helmets made by MacGregor:

I love the old face masks!

I wanted to say thanks to Tom for sharing these pictures of some great vintage NFL gear. If anyone else has some vintage sports logo related items to share, please feel free to send me some pictures and I'll be glad to post them.

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dayf said...

Wow, I have never, ever seen a black Saints helmet before. That is great!