Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Customized "Fleer" Baseball Big Signs - Part 2

The most rewarding aspect of starting this blog has been meeting a number of great collectors. After I posted my review of the 1973 Fleer Baseball Big Signs

Jeff contacted me to let me know that he was a big fan of this set, and had made some custom signs based on the set's design. I asked Jeff to send me pictures of what he created, and I posted the examples of the signs he had created for teams that were not in existence back in 1973 (such as the Devil Rays):

as well as some signs using more recent logos (such as this sign for the Brewers):

I asked Jeff if he could create some custom signs for the original Baltimore Orioles logo as well as some signs for the Seattle Pilots. Jeff said he would work on them when he had the chance, and he contacted me this week to let me know they were finished. I have to say that they turned out fantastic!

Here are the versions he did for the Baltimore Orioles:

and here are the versions he created for the Seattle Pilots:

I'd like to say thanks to Jeff for creating such great looking signs and for allowing me to share them on the blog.

I'll get back to the NFL Cloth Patch review tomorrow, but I couldn't wait to post these new signs once I received them from Jeff.

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dayf said...

Those freakin' rock. I want a Pilots sign of my own to hang on my wall now. Maybe get it signed by Jim Bouton.