Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fleer NFL Football Cloth Patch Stickers - Dallas Cowboys

As the Dallas Cowboys gear up for Monday Night Football tomorrow, its time to review their Fleer NFL cloth patches .

The Cowboys have 4 different helmet cloth patch variations and 1 Hi-Gloss helmet sticker. The single bar variation from 1972 & 1973 is on the top, the double bar version from 1974 is on the middle left, and the 1975 version with the TM is on the middle right:

The 1976 cloth patch and Hi-Gloss sticker are on the bottom row.

There are 3 logo cloth patch variations and 1 Hi-Gloss logo sticker as the same cloth logo patch was issued for 1972 through 1974 as shown on the top left with the 1975 TM version on the top right:

The 1976 Cowboys logo cloth patch and Hi-Gloss logo sticker are on the bottom row. Since the Cowboys logo is actually their helmet, sometimes these are referred to as the "small" helmet patches and stickers to differentiate them from the the patches / stickers above which have a larger helmet.

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