Monday, September 29, 2008

Fleer NFL Football Cloth Patch Stickers - Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have 4 different Fleer cloth patch helmet variations and 1 Hi-Gloss helmet sticker. The single bar variation from 1972 & 1973 is on the top. The double bar version from 1974 is on the bottom left, and the 1975 version with the TM is on the bottom right:

Thanks to Craig, here's a picture of the 1976 helmet cloth patch:

and here is the 1976 Hi-Gloss helmet sticker:

The Kansas City Chiefs Logo Patch from 1972 is one of the most interesting and unusual cloth patches Fleer ever produced. As you can see on the patch on the top left, the patch says Kansas City Chiefs but actually uses the Washington Redskins logo and colors:

I'm not sure if this was an error that was corrected during the 1972 print run, or whether it was not fixed until 1973. The patch on the top right is the 1973 patch, but it may have been issued in 1972 as well if Fleer corrected the mistake that year. The patch on the bottom left is the 1974 version, and the patch with the TMs on the bottom right is the 1975 issue.

Once again, Craig lends his assistance with the 1976 logo cloth patch:

and finally, here is the 1976 Hi-Gloss logo sticker:

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