Friday, April 11, 2008

Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches - Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates have 4 different City / Logo patch variations. The earliest patch on the top left differs slightly from the patch on the top right as the Pirate's face is a light shade of pink instead of white, and a number of items are yellow instead of white - the trim around the top of the Pirate hat, the bandanna under the Pirate hat, and the earring.

The logo then changed from a circle to a rectangular design - almost like an old weathered piece of paper. The difference between the 2 patches on the bottom are a slightly brighter yellow shade on the left, while the patch on the right has the directions printed on the border in white (and can be seen) as opposed to black (which are very hard to see) from the previous versions.

There are 3 different Cap/ Team Name patches. The earliest patch has a gold "P" against a black background with the team name in an arch. The next version of the patch retained the black background, but the "P" turned yellow, and the team name was now straight across instead of arched.

The final patch reversed the colors with a black "P" against a yellow background.

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