Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sports Logos

As the primary focus of my blog has been the various Fleer issues that contain team logos, I wanted to add a link to a website that is dedicated entirely to sports team logos.

Chris Creamer's Sportslogos.net is a fantastic site with a library of logos from MLB, the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL. In addition, there are logos from defunct leagues like the American Basketball Association (ABA), the World Football League (WFL), the United States Football League (USFL), and the World Hockey Association (WHA). There is also an extensive section on College and Minor League teams.

Here's a sample of some MLB Logos from the site:

There is also a section on All Star Game Logos:

NFL Logos:

NBA Logos:

NHL Logos:

The site is a great resource for looking up your favorite teams to see the history of their logos. You can even review all the team logos for a given league by year to see how all the teams logos looked from any year you choose. If you like the type of material I've been covering in my blog, I think you'll really enjoy this site.

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Great find!