Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches - Washington Senators

We finish up our team by team review of the Fleer Baseball Cloth Patches with the Washington Senators.

The Senators had 2 versions of the City / Logo patches which are distinguishable due to color variations as seen below:

There are also 2 Cap / Team Name patches which also have color variations as well as the fact that one has a blue "W" with a white outline while the other patch has the opposite color combination:

I'm afraid Fleer Baseball Cloth Patch Month actually turned out to be a 2 month review. I hope those of you who have been following along have enjoyed the look back at these patches.

I've actually got 3 more Cloth Patch items to cover over the next few days before we move on to the next Fleer issue, so we're not quite finished yet. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Does anybody kow when the Cardinals wore a version of this. It was a navy blue STL on a white outline used on a red cap.I think it was only worn one season. I've seen very few photos of this. if any one knows let me know!!